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Sword Art Online II — Caliber PV
Ft. Opening Theme: courage by Tomatsu Haruka

Dialogue Translation:

Kirito: During that time, we saw the golden sword that shone in the highest grade.
Klein: All right! This is the last adventure of the year!
Kirito: All right, let’s do this!

(Translation Source: ANN)

Caliber will air starting next week Oct. 18, 2014 and Mother’s Rosario will follow on Nov. 8, 2014. The OP theme “courage” by Tomatsu Haruka will be released on Dec. 3, 2014.

P.S. Caliber takes place in December 2025 which is why Klein said “this is the last adventure of the year”. He was obviously referring to the SAO timeline and not ours (you know…just in case some of you misunderstand and get upset that it’s the last one of the year).

(Source: ispookycell)





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Omfg what if you landed on a planet that supported life and the “humans” there were much more technologically advanced and they made you come back to life from your remains and you just woke up after death in a random ass planet.

Wouldn’t it be even more amazing if your remains landed on a different planet, with no life, but an atmosphere, and the biological material in your remains started life for an entire planet?

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